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Quarterly Cup

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Engage in the heart-pounding excitement of the Grid’s Quarterly Cup, where every turn, every second counts! Your ticket to the action lies in securing a spot among the fastest 10 racers of the week, setting the stage for your shot at competing in the high-stakes Quarterly Cup Race. It’s more than a race; it’s a test of speed, strategy, and determination. Challenge your racing peers, strategize to surpass their achievements, and strive for victory to claim exclusive Grid Prizes that await the champions.

As the adrenaline builds each week before the main event, you have the thrilling opportunity to claim one of the ten coveted spots on the Qualifying list. How? By pushing your limits and beating the time of a racer who has already earned their position. It’s a challenge where skill meets ambition, where your performance can propel you into the league of top racers gearing up for the Quarterly Cup.

Stay informed and stay ahead—our Quarterly Cup Qualifying list is your go-to for tracking progress. Regular updates are shared across our Website and Social Media platforms. This is your chance to cement your place among the elite racers heading towards the ultimate showdown.


Prizes for the Quarterly Cup, Ninja Creami, Theragun, Airpods

Our first Quarterly Cup has ended, but be on the look out for our next one!